Sunday, January 18, 2015

Where Am I Going, Where Will I Be?

In the winter of my fortieth year, I rang in 2015 by promptly slicing off my fingertip. 
While I wrote about this yesterday, I did not explain that this injury was a result of my resolve this year to eat healthier. I purchased a mandolin slicer and did not even make it through the first sweet potato before I injured myself. This has made my quest for a healthy start to the new year rather problematic in a number of ways. 

First of all, I am now quite leery of knives and sharp blades. I should have already have been leery of knives, as I am rather clumsy and prone to accidents, just as I should be leery of ovens, stovetops, fires, burning oil, and all sorts of other household hazards that have left their mark on my flesh over the years. To get back to my point, it has been extraordinarily difficult to cut and clean vegetables, to cook, and to wash dishes as the fingertip was heavily bandaged against possible infection or, worse, an accidental collision. Just washing my hair the first week required help as every nerve ending was raw and exposed, and bumping that oozing flesh against my skull sent a white hot flash of pain throughout my entire body. I'm not sure what I have been eating these last two weeks, but some of it has been healthy, and some of it has been convenient. Now that the fingertip is in better shape, I will resume my quest to cook at home, eating more vegetables and fruits, even if I have to eat them whole and uncooked to avoid any more accidents.

Secondly, my finger injury kept me sidelined from yoga and the gym for a full week. Upon my return to both, I took it very easy to make sure I did not bang it in any way, and I am also still nursing a popped hamstring from mid-December. As the hamstring injury affects my left leg and the fingertip injury is on my right hand, this made many yoga postures particularly challenging. So much for my other healthy resolution to work out every day! It looks as if my New Year's resolutions need to begin on January 19th instead of January 1st. That is fine with me - I do believe the Universe has been trying to tell me to slow down, and, well, I had no choice but to obey. Interestingly, both injuries have forced me to be much more mindful of my body and the choices I make throughout the day.

This leads me to two questions:
1. Will I continue to slow down, pay attention, and be more mindful now that both injuries are both healing?
2. Did I make the WRONG New Year's resolution? 

I'm rereading that line: Interestingly, both injuries have forced me to be much more mindful of my body and the choices I make throughout the day.

Isn't that precisely what I was trying to do by making healthy food choices and working out? Maybe the reason that I have NOT been successful at these resolutions is because I am always racing through life and prioritizing other people ahead of myself. Maybe I'm never in the moment because my monkey mind is always a million light years ahead of my physical body, and I forget to pay attention to the task at hand. Maybe I am overscheduled and overwrought with the dis-ease of being "busy," and I need to cut back, slow down, and take care of myself in all kinds of ways, not just with food and exercise.

Definitely food for thought.

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